Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SOLSC 8/31 #sol16


It was a beautiful day in northern Wisconsin yesterday. It was a near miracle that we had no meetings, dance, swimming, tumbling or grocery store run to attend after school. When we got home, my oldest went straight to her room to read, but my youngest, said, "It is a great day for a swing!"

It sure was, Eleanor, it sure was. (Love how her dad joined her)


  1. Oh the optimism! The joy with these words, "It is a great day for a swing!" YES!!! I agree! A great day for a swing!

  2. Haha, swinging in the snow! Now that's not what I expected! (I took my baby swinging today, but it's 70 degrees here in Ohio!)

  3. I just commented on a post about spring being here to stay, and thought this post would be similar. NOT the case! Isn't it funny how kids pay no mind to the temperature when they want something? My own kids were having a blast on the swingset in the snow earlier this winter. I love the voice I hear in "It is a great day for a swing!" Thanks for that!