Saturday, March 26, 2016

SOLSC #25/31 #sol16

Forgotten Slice of Life

All day Friday I fretted about what to write for that day's slice of life. I couldn't find anything to inspire me. I would get an idea and then dismiss it. I did get some alone time twice that day, as my husband took the girls along on some work adventures. I appreciated the time to be in the grocery store by myself and then to get a run in during full sunshine! All the while thinking of my slice. Then at 1:00 this am, I remembered I didn't post! Darn it. Missed the deadline, but am still going to try and continue.


  1. Keep going! It happens to all of us ideas, missing deadlines. UGH! You keep showing up and writing. That's what's important.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I was really sad that I missed the deadline, but want to continue and finish this! I am really enjoying the writing and reading!