Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SOLSC 15/31 #sol16

Literacy Night

We had our grades 3-5 literacy/math night last night. Our parents were treated to a yummy pasta bar provided by our PTO. We then had a guest author, Joann Early Mackin speak to our families and afterwards teachers had breakout sessions. I presented with our public librarian, Mrs. Annette Miller, whom I have blogged about a lot during this month's Slice of Life (here and here). We did some book talks, discussed the importance of reading aloud to your children, the importance of reading at home in general and the upcoming summer programs at the public library. I am excited to read some of Mrs. Annette's suggestions:

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We still have an issue of getting more parents to attend. What do you do to get parents to attend such literacy events?


  1. Sounds like a GREAT night...wish I knew the magic trick for enticing parents to attend.

  2. Your event sounds like a successful and enjoyable one.

    My former school used to do Parent Cafes. They'd focus around one topic (math, reading, writing, ELL, social curriculum, etc.). They'd also provide empanadas and cookies, which was a great way to get people there on time.

  3. We have our literacy fair on Thursday night. It is usually well attended. We display all kinds of student work centered on literacy. Literary essays, book reviews, character analysis displays, and book diarohmas. The kids drag their parents along to show off what they have been doing at school. It is sort of a big publishing/celebration night. We also feed them.
    I love the break out sessions idea.
    I also love the empanadas mentioned above!!

  4. Oh I love this idea!!! Sounds like lots of fun!