Thursday, March 31, 2016

SOLSC #31/31 #sol16

On the other side of the table

I have the opportunity to sit on the other side of the table as we interview candidates for a 1st grade position. I always dreaded interviews, but even more so now! We asked our candidates a series of questions and then they had to teach a mini-lesson and a guided reading lesson. It was a great way to see the candidates in action, but talk about the pressure...whew! I was so pleased to see how the candidates interacted with the students, and it is wonderful that we have such great candidates that want to come to our district. 

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  1. Interviews are always nerve wracking - it's great that you are cognizant of how jittery a candidate can get. May the best candidate with lots of enthusiasm get the job!

  2. Good luck on finding a great teacher!