Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Library Field Trip


I look forward to this field trip all year. My excitement builds as the weather forecast looks to cooperate! Every spring the ELA and Special Ed staff take our reading enrichment students on a field trip to the public library. The library is 1.5 miles away from school and our Phy Ed department lets us borrow the bikes and helmets.

It is well known that summer is a time for students to "slide", negating some of the hard work they put in during the school year. It is also a time, that if students find a time to choice read, they can maintain or even build upon their reading skills. By making a connection with our local children's librarian and the public library, we hope to help students find a place to find new material to read and maintain their reading skills.
Our local children's librarian, Ms. Annette, does such a great job orienting our students to all the services the library provides, giving a guided tour and being an advocate for choice reading over the summer.

Before we bike back to school, we stop by the local Dairy Queen for lunch. It is a highlight of the trip, of course.