Thursday, March 10, 2016

SOLSC 10/31 #sol16


My 6 year-old had been complaining of a sore throat for a few days. We finally brought her in to the doctor at the recommendation of the school nurse, and she was diagnosed with strep. You never would have known based on her attitude. The girl is tough! She got to spend the afternoon with her dad at his job. She chose to climb on the wood piles and explore the property (within eyesight of her father). I picked her up after work, and she proceeded to stay outside for another hour and a half. I never would've guessed she was sick. Wow! 


  1. What a trouper! I had strep before Christmas and believe me, I was not playing outside--I was barely off the couch for a few days!

    1. I had it about 4 years ago for the first time and I remember thinking I was going to die! It must effect kids different than adults!