Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SOLSC 2/31 #sol16


One word that means so much to me. 
One word to define my being.
One word to showcase what I have accomplished.
One word that brings me so much joy.
One word that I do not take for granted.
One word that I work so hard for.
One word that I am so proud of.
One word I would die for.
One word.


  1. I was so happy to see the family picture at the end. Beautiful smiles

    1. We are a pretty tight knit group, and my husband and I take our parenting very seriously. This is us in my husband's skidder. He logs and we all fit in this machine :)

  2. Great poem! I was also glad to see the photo at the end. Such happy faces are always good to see!

  3. Right now it is just my husband and I, so we are still defining what "family" means to us. Kids will come soon, so I can't wait to see how "family" grows for us!

  4. I love this. Family would be my one little word, as well. I am from a big family and have a big family. Family is the BEST! Thanks for your poem.

  5. I really love what you have shared about what family means to you! Family is so important, and now as I'm starting my own family I've really started to look back and think of all the things that defined my family growing up were! :)