Friday, March 4, 2016

SOLSC 4/31 #sol16

"You Don't Understand!"

The words cut through me like a knife. My 9 year-old shouted at me as she left my office to start her day at school. Oh crud. Now she has that hanging over her head for the rest of the day and I had something to do with that. How can I understand her? I am not 9. I am so far removed from 9. 

However, Jim Knight says that to engage in meaningful conversations, you have to listen with empathy. Listening with empathy involves empathy towards yourself, affective empathy and cognitive empathy. I will try and process this with her tonight. I have to remember that things that matter to her REALLY matter, even if I disagree. I will not judge, not assume, and not interrupt. I will listen, for I love her.


  1. It sounds like you do a really good job as a mom to reflect and think of how you can connect with your daughter. She's a lucky girl!

  2. Oh no! Hoping things cleared up by the end of the day. (You mentioned Jim Knight. I just started reading one of his books and I'm loving it!)