Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August Writing Institute Day 3

Day three was a blur. It seems like when my mind was not working, by body was.

It started with a run...

I love to run and see new places on foot. This morning I was joined by a Wisconsin colleague, Lisa.

Next it was off to large group with Lucy where we spent some time practicing small group work and analyzing student information writing. 

My small group leader is the brilliant Katie Clements. I was thrilled when I received notice that she was my small group section leader, as I admire her from afar on Twitter, and have learned so much from her already through #TCRWP Twitter chats. I have not talked about my small group sessions at all, because I am intending on synthesizing that work later, as it focuses more on coaching around the units of study. However, I wanted to share this tip we learned today. Katie reminded us that a 10 minute minilesson should only take 10 minutes to plan. She had us do this work today and she was right. She handed us a copy of a minilesson from a UOS book. She coached us through the process and then we taught the lesson. 
It worked! I look forward to sharing this with the teachers I work with.

In our choice workshops, I attended Audra Robb's section on Assessing Writers in Middle School: The Intersection of Assessment, Feedback, and Grading. She was real and gave us some great resources to consider as we handle the challenges of having 100+ students in our classes.

The closing for today was Daniel Beaty. He treated us to some of his solo play, Emergency, in which he plays 40 characters. It was brilliant. He also shared some of his childhood heartache and heroes that shaped him into the man he is today. 

Lastly, I headed down Broadway to see an iconic landmark. My husband is a huge Seinfeld fan, and hence I became one too. I had heard that Monk's (now known as Tom's Restaurant) was nearby. I found it.

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